Advising Various Authorities

Our firm has a very good reputation in the field of legal representation of public entities and of local authorities in particular.
Our firm serves as legal counsel to local authorities, municipal companies and water and sewage corporations. Our office even represents local authorities in various legal proceedings, both before the central government agencies and before private corporations and entities in a wide range of issues.
Our firm has extensive expertise in administrative law in general and the laws of local authorities in particular;
Included in our current care you shall find constant legal counseling, preparation of required legal opinions, legal counsel to various committees, response to inquiries of residents, support for business initiatives of the authority through companies in its control, representation of the authority before various judicial tribunals in a variety of topics, including management of its defense against class action lawsuits filed against it in a variety of topics.
We accompany an authority in all aspects that have to do with its regular and irregular operations, including:

  • Representing the authority in various legal proceedings, before the various judicial tribunals including – the High Court of Justice, Administrative Affairs Courts, civil courts, appeals and other legal tribunals.
    Included in the above, our firm represents the authorities in administrative and constitutional matters, class action lawsuits, claims of restitution, civil lawsuits and more.
  • Accompanying the authority during tendering procedures; as the authority is required to carry out a tender in order to contract with service suppliers, this layer in the authority’s activities is most central and it is essential that it be managed optimally in order to maximize the benefit of the Authority. Our firm accompanies the authority from the stage of the tender specification and its wording, receiving the competitors’ bids, opening the tender box and announcing the winner or alternatively - rejection of all bids.Naturally, as is known to those who deal with this subject, administrative appeals and legal proceedings are frequently taken against the authority’s decisions in connection with tender decisions; our office has vast experience and knowledge in representing the authority in such proceedings opposite the entities petitioning against the decisions.
  • Representing the authority  in various aspects of the municipal education system’s ongoing operations, including allocation management of the authority’s resources for the various educational settings, determining registration districts for students within the authority, management of the authority’s community center, representing the authority opposite authorities whose boundaries border with the authority’s boundaries and have shared educational institutions with the authority and other educational activities that require legal supervision and intervention.
  • Representing the authority in negotiations and in sale and lease transactions regarding land and buildings, contracts with contractors for environmental development and for construction of public institutions within the authority’s boundaries; We also conduct full and comprehensive accompaniment of the above mentioned authority contracts with the relevant persons, while placing emphasis on meeting deadlines and the required architectural and engineering standards.
  • Representing the authority in various aspects relating to zoning, planning and land-use within the authority’s boundaries, including managing and representing the authority in expropriation proceedings (including examination of eligibility for expropriation compensation to land-owners whose land had been expropriated), betterment levies, preparing urban building schemes, representation in appeal committees and tribunals, representation before various state authorities, including the Israel Lands Administration , the Land Registry Office, and the National Zoning, Planning and Land-use Committee.
  • Representing the authority in all aspects and derivatives concerning its ongoing internal operations, including the internal operations of the authority opposite the authority council members, both within the council meetings and outside of them. Our firm represents local authorities in legal proceedings being taken against them in the judicial courts when dealing with torts claims and in the labor court when dealing with labor disputes opposite the authority’s employees.
  • Representing the authority in various aspects relating to business licensing, including managing legal proceedings against business licensing offenders, managing negotiations for a compromise both inside the court’s walls and outside of them.
  • Updating local authority bylaws in collaboration with the leading financial offices in this field, focusing on the needs of the authority and paying attention to different aspects derived from the unique character of each authority in order to create an optimal formulation for the authority’s needs.


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