Business Real Estate

Our office has accompanied and still accompanies central bodies in the economy in their various entrepreneurial real estate transactions which include, among other things, procedures for urban renewal (clearing and construction), sales transactions, combination transactions, entrepreneurship of purchasing groups, and real property transactions in face of the local government and the central government and more.
We provide guidance to companies and entrepreneurs from the land acquisition stage and until the completion of the project, including:

  • Managing negotiations of the real-property purchase, including accompanying the transaction from the commercial aspect, wording the contracts and safeguarding the interests of the client.
  • Taxation aspects arising from the acquisition of real-property, whether owned by the purchaser, a company or third parties;
  • Management of complex agreements with construction companies and various business partnerships in the forms of hiring construction services, combination transactions and B.O.T;
  • Agreements with required experts in a range of topics including: supervising construction, architecture, surveying, appraisal, engineers, financial companies, etc. , which are essential for the development of projects.
  • Management of proceedings before the local municipality and or municipal corporations for reduction and cancellation of levies and fees that the project is charged with;
  • Preparation of sales contracts and representation of contractors and developers before purchasers, including condominium registration;
  • Representation of contractors and developers in legal proceedings in respect of construction defects and financial claims of purchasers;
  • Representation in short and long-term commercial leasing agreements.
Our office accompanies entrepreneurs, construction companies and real estate corporations throughout the development procedure with an emphasis on maximizing the profits of our clients and maintaining their public reputation.

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