Corporate Representation

Our office accompanies commercial corporations (public and private) and statutory corporations, from the date of establishment and throughout their cycle of activities, in all areas relevant to managing the commercial life cycle of the corporation, in all that concerns the establishment of the companies, establishing subsidiaries if needed, negotiations between suppliers/customers and drafting sale agreements, collaborations, etc., in all relevant aspects, commencing with correct taxation planning, through correct distribution between the controlling shareholders and until the ongoing management of the corporation, including - decisions made in a manner ensuring the legality and actual implementation.
Our office also routinely represents various corporations in judicial courts and quasi-judicial courts when there is a need, in cases against state authorities, against public corporations and against corporations and individuals in civil-commercial disputes.
Our office has experience in corporate transactions with complex aspects, such as mergers, splits, sale of operations and sale of control.
Due to our office’s experience in various business and legal aspects relating to corporate management – our office deals with regularly advising corporations on all topics which are on the agenda, including contracts, agreements, legal opinions, labor law, advice before legal action and representation during legal proceedings in any necessary legal tribunals.
Our office also manages legal proceedings in class actions filed against corporations which have considerable economic significance, and are complex issues that require in-depth and thorough study of the underlying legal issue that the plaintiffs request to be recognized as a class action.
Our offices are acquired over time vast and significant experience in managing class actions and actions that are requested to be recognized as class actions. This experience allows managing such proceedings in a calculated and correct manner, which ultimately achieves the best possible result for our clients. Our firm has acquired tools to deal with the plaintiffs in these proceedings, in both the procedural – legal procedure aspect and the material legal aspect, conduct which grants a substantial procedural advantage in the management of the legal proceedings.
In our activities, our office represents its clients in a decisive and assertive manner, which often causes opposing parties to consider the feasibility of conducting proceedings against our clients.


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