Mr. Daniel Giladi

  Davidoff Building,
  7 Gush Etzion St.
  Givat Shmuel 54030, Israel
  Tel.: 03-5328098
  Fax.: 03-5328094
  Admitted Israel 2011

  Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)
  The Hebrew University of
Mrs. Daniel Giladi
Daniel’s field of expertise and experience is in civil-commercial law, including representation in court;
Through her work at attorney offices that were purely civil-commercial law oriented, Daniel acquired experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of civil-commercial law - especially in various types of contractual agreements, including enterprise agreements, intellectual property and franchising.

Daniel also has experience in aspects of tort law, including representation in proceedings (litigation).
Daniel coordinates the area of class actions in the office, including the drafting of judicial documents, and amongst them, answers to complaints on their merits and answers to requests for recognition of actions as class actions.

In addition, Daniel provides counseling and legal accompaniment for private companies in the country, including preparation of commercial agreements in various fields and providing expert opinions.



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