Debt collection

Our office has experience in management of debt collection for public entities with an emphasis on municipalities (municipal debts, fees and surcharges, signage, etc.), and for various private clients.
Management of the debtor’s file is done with full transparency to the client, when on the one hand requires minimal involvement from the client and on the other hand keeps the client updated regularly regarding the activity in the management of the collection file.
From the date on which the file is received at our office for management, it is managed in two main centers –

  • Our firm’s internal system which coordinates the documents relating to the file, the office internal messages, the reminders and the internal office management system.
  • An external system based on “cloud computing” through which the file is constantly updated.
The system allows tracking by the client of the file’s progress. Entering the system is available with a secure link which is delivered to the customer's relevant representative upon opening the file.
Any change and/or update in the file status appear in the tracking folder close to the event happening. Hearings and/or relevant deadlines are also updated in the folder

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