Mr. Guy Belleli

  Davidoff Building,
  7 Gush Etzion St.
  Givat Shmuel 54030, Israel
  Tel.: 03-5328098
  Fax.: 03-5328094
  Admitted Israel 2012

  Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)
  The College of Management -
  Academic Studies (COMAS
Mr. Guy Belleli
Guy’s fields of expertise and experience are civil litigation and labor law;
Guy is knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of civil-commercial law and labor law.

Guy has experience in civil litigation, with complex financial claims, that are litigated in various civil courts. In addition, Guy also has experience in individual and collective procedures discussed before the labor courts.

Guy coordinates the field of labor law in the office and also deals with managing cases of commercial nature.

Guy joined the firm in 2013.



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