Mr. Yaniv Mateless
  Founder and office owner

  Davidoff Building,
  7 Gush Etzion St.
  Givat Shmuel 54030, Israel
  Tel.: 03-5328098
  Fax.: 03-5328094
  Admitted Israel 2004

  Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B) –   
  Bar-Ilan University (2003)
  Computer Science - Bar-Ilan  
  Master of Laws (L.L.M) -
  Bar-Ilan University (2004)

Mr. Yaniv Mateless
Mr. Yaniv Mateless is the founder and owner of the Mateless and Partners Law firm.
Adv. Mateless’s fields of expertise and experience are commercial law, administrative law and real-property law;
Adv. Mateless has experience and expertise in the area of corporations and the diverse business aspects derived from them, and has represented in a number of prominent and extensive transactions.

Among his activities, Adv. Mateless accompanies a number of public entities and prominent corporations and provides them with legal advice in various areas including class actions, substantial financial claims, tenders, corporations, dissolutions and bankruptcy, acquisitions, mergers, contracts, arbitration, and more.

Adv. Mateless gained vast experience in the municipal area, including areas of tenders, land use and zoning, business licensing and he provides extensive services to public entities, numerous municipalities, municipal companies, water and sewage corporations and more, in all areas of their activity.
Adv. Mataless represents the office’s clients in complex legal cases and the litigation field is characterized by representation before judicial tribunals and quasi-judicial tribunals, including the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice (HCJ), administrative affairs courts, civil courts, and land use and zoning committees, etc.

Among  Adv. Mateless’s  activities  in the real property field, he holds numerous transactions that are prominent in the economy, in areas of entrepreneurship (where he accompanies the client from the planning stage to the completion of the project), purchasing groups, urban renewal transactions (clearing and construction), reinforcement of structure transactions (National Outline Program 38), and more.

Adv. Mateless's experience in the real property field is also characterized by the representation of entities in the area of land use and zoning, including expropriation procedures, eviction and removal from land, building permits and non conforming use, business licensing and more.

Adv. Mateless is a prosecutor on behalf of the Attorney General of Israel.


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