Representation in Courts and in Various Judicial Tribunals (Litigation)

Our firm has extensive experience in representation in legal proceedings before judicial courts and quasi - judicial tribunals in many fields, and in particular, in the field of civil- commercial law (with an emphasis on commercial corporations, land associations, etc.) and the field of administrative law (the central government and the local government).
The firm's clients include major public institutions (political parties, local municipalities, municipal corporations, etc.) as well as leading commercial corporations in the economy.
Representation before courts is a central element in the activities of our office and the portfolio managed in our office includes many areas, and amongst them are:

  • Representation of corporations in legal proceedings relating to commercial disputes;
  • Representation in class actions, including lawsuits against corporations and claims against public entities;
  • Managing internal and external corporate strife, including partner disputes, controlling owners’ disputes, board of director authorities etc.;
  • Representation in proceedings relating to the central government (Government, Knesset Israel, etc.);
  • Representation of public authorities and entities in administrative appeals (before the High Court of Justice and the Court of Administrative Affairs);
  • Representation in real property disputes, including in real estate taxation, betterment levies, development fees and levies and more.
The firm represents in various administrative appeals (appeals against decisions of the state authorities), at times representing the authorities themselves and at times the petitioners, who are usually various corporations. Thus the firm has extensive experience due to its presence on both sides, as representing corporations in administrative petitions and representing the local authorities themselves;
This experience gives our office an advantage and professional knowledge of managing the procedures and orientation within the various legal and procedural aspects that derive from managing these complex procedures.
Our office even has vast experience in accompanying state authorities and corporations (both private corporations and corporations established by law) in general, and in particular with all that concerns tenders, beginning from the phase of preparing a tender, receiving contenders’ offers, choosing winners - and ending with, if need arises, representation before judicial courts in administrative petitions relating to the tender.
Our office has proven experience in dozens of legal proceedings that have broad economic significance for its clients.

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