Mr. Yotam Weiss

  Davidoff Building,
  7 Gush Etzion St.
  Givat Shmuel 54030, Israel
  Tel.: 03-5328098
  Fax.: 03-5328094
  Admitted Israel 2013

  Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B)
  Interdisciplinary Center
Mr. Yotam Weiss

Yotam's expertise and experience are in Civil and Business law, including handling of portfolios with economical complexity, which require abilities to manage strategic portfolios with business insight.

Within in his internship, Yotam dealt with Insolvency, Mediation and Arbitration portfolios and acquired know how and understanding in many diversified legal issues.

As such, Yotam accrued experience in accompanying legal proceedings under discussion by judicial tribunals and quasi-judicial tribunals.

In our firm, Yotam is an associate in the area of Business Law, handles various current client and Corporation issues and manages legal files with commercial nature.

Yotam joined our firm in 2014.        



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