Firm Profile

One of the fundamental principles of our firm is to provide excellent professional service to our clients, in a reliable, efficient and discreet manner, with the aim of assisting the client in promoting his business according to his expectations and within the law. We believe that in order to provide a comprehensive, close and quality service, the legal staff should be trained as multi-disciplinary lawyers with a comprehensive approach. Many of them find themselves often giving advice that does not focus only on what is legal and what is not, but also regarding questions about the commercial potential of one kind or another, as to various possible achievements in the negotiations and which solutions can be produced in order to achieve a better result.
Our firm combines a variety of legal-business and legal-administrative areas, together with specific specialties. This combination enables our office to provide its clients with the best and the most professional legal service.

The Firm's Areas of Activity

Our firm specializes, as stated, in various areas of administrative law, commercial and civil law, and in particular in the following areas:

  • Public and Administrative Law; Our firm has extensive experience in this field, as it provides legal services to various organizations in both the central government and local government area as described below.

    Aspects related to the central government – our firm represents various agencies and activists in this field. Included in the provision of these services our firm operates in various and complex legal proceedings, mostly in the High Court of Justice and in the Courts of Administrative Affairs.

    Aspects related to the local government - our firm has vast knowledge and experience with regards to legislation and case law in the field of municipalities including local authorities’ laws and municipal corporations.

    Our office has extensive experience in representing municipalities and municipal corporations and accompanying them in all their dealings, including extensive knowledge in litigation, land-use and zoning, contracts (including contracts for infrastructure and contractors), tenders, by- laws, business licensing, insurance, human-resource and labor laws, budgets, accompanying various committees and more.
  • Our firm manages administrative, commercial and civil litigation cases (representing in all relevant judicial courts) which have significant and broad economic implications for its clients.
  • Our firm has accumulated years of experience in representing municipalities in collection issues, both administrative (under the Taxes Collection Order) and legal, when there is a need for actions which are not possible under the administrative collection; representation of authorities before various judicial tribunals and utilization of procedures against debtors, whether within the execution institutions or whether before the relevant courts. Actions that require a thorough knowledge of the relevant set of laws (Execution regulations, Execution Law, Law of Unjust Enrichment, the Adjudication of Interest Law, etc.) and litigation work  in these contexts are done by our office regularly
  • Real property and real-estate, including land-use and zoning, entrepreneurship, clearing and construction, expropriation, sales transactions, etc.
  • Our firm accompanies and advises corporations in their dealings within the field of commercial law, including acquisitions, mergers, ongoing accompaniment, tenders, areas of real-property and land-use and zoning, including procedures for expropriation, eviction and removal from land, building permits and non-conforming use, urban renewal projects and real estate projects, from the planning stage to completion and execution, and change of land zoning.
  • In addition, within these frameworks many years of experience and familiarity with government agencies in the various fields have accumulated such as:  the Israel Land Administration, the Land Registry Office, the Ministry of Finance – Real-Property Taxation, Municipalities, Land-use and Zoning Committees, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Justice.

    Our firm has experience in management of high value construction defects cases and reductions of equivalent value in large real estate projects as well as representation of  condominiums’ representatives in legal proceedings, before various tribunals, against developers and contractors on these issues.

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