Accompanying Business Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Our firm has a unique specialization in land development transactions and we have rich and successful experience accompanying leading entities in the Israeli economy in urban renewal processes (evacuation-construction and TAMA 38), in sale and combination transactions and in land transactions with local and central government.

Our firm accompanies developers, contractors, construction companies and real estate corporations throughout the development process, focusing on maximizing  profits, customer satisfaction and maintaining our client’s public reputation.

We provide comprehensive accompaniment based on our extensive experience in business real estate, from the land acquisition stage through project completion, including:

  • Negotiating the acquisition: conduct negotiations for acquiring a real estate asset, accompany the transaction commercially, formulate contracts and safeguard the client’s interests.

  • Tax planning: tax aspects of land acquisition, whether owned by the buyer, a block-parcel company or third parties.

  • Formulating agreements: manage complex agreements with construction companies and various business partnerships in the format of leasing construction services, combination transactions and BOT. We also formulate agreements with additional necessary professionals such as construction supervisors, architects, surveyors, appraisers, engineers, financial companies, etc.

  • Working with government agencies: manage procedures with local government and municipal corporations to reduce or cancel project levies and fees.

  • Sale contracts: formulate contracts and represent contractors and developers in engaging with the buyers, including registration as a condominium.

  • Lease agreements: represent clients in formulating short and long-term commercial lease agreements.

  • Legal representation: represent contractors and developers in legal procedures regarding construction defects and financial lawsuits filed by buyers.