Authorities & Public Bodies

One of our firm’s significant strengths is the ability to provide a comprehensive package of legal services to local government and public entities. We serve as a legal advisors to local governments and remain fully apprised of their activities so that we can counsel decision makers in advance regarding the legal ramifications of their decisions and activities, thus reducing potential legal risks – as  a preventive measure.

We represent, accompany and advise a wide range of public entities, local governments, municipal corporations, economic companies, community centers, etc. Our service is comprehensive and addresses all areas of life and areas in which local government is involved, including;

  • Ongoing legal advice – our firm believes that ongoing legal advice is a vital component of local government management, and therefore we play an integral role in the local government in matters relating to setting policy, formulating procedures, deciding on courses of action and contending with challenges. We are there at key legal junctures, providing ongoing legal advice to the head of the local government, the professional staff and the various committees. Thus we provide legal services that span all local government activity areas.
  • Litigation – representation of our clients in court is one of our firm’s main areas of expertise. We view the various judicial courts as arenas in which we must be resolute and uncompromising. We are therefore known for fighting for our clients in every legal proceeding, big and small alike, in order to achieve the desired result while adopting a forward-looking view of the local government’s overall strategy. We represent our clients in the range of legal proceedings in the various judicial courts, among them administrative courts, civil courts, appeal committees, labor courts, and other judicial tribunals.
  • Planning and construction we represent the local government in a wide range of areas pertaining to planning and construction throughout its jurisdiction, including its representation in land expropriation proceedings (including examining entitlement for expropriation compensation to the expropriated land owners), betterment levies, urban building schemes, environmental issues, representation in appeal committees and in the various judicial courts, representation in engaging with various state agencies, among them: Israel Land Authority, Land Registration Bureau and planning and building committees.
  • Urban renewal our firm has vast experience in urban renewal processes and in representing local government in the negotiations, including procedures for designating urban renewal zones, contracting with management companies, supervision and execution, managing the project procedures with the Israel Land Authority, supplementary plots, affordable housing plans, BOT projects and more. We provide full and comprehensive accompaniment to local government in its contractual agreements with all relevant entities, underscoring meeting timetables and complying with architectural and engineering standards. The overall goal is to advance urban development, while not disrupting the residents’ daily routine and maintaining the public interest.
  • Managing tenders we have extensive and rich experience in tender laws pertaining to local government and public entities. Over the years we gained vast experience representing local government and protecting the public interest, in administrative lawsuits and in legal action often taken against local government decisions regarding tenders. Tender management is a key and vital local government activity, and we accompany local government from formulating tender specifications through receiving the tender proposals and up to opening the tender box and announcing the winner and/or rejecting the tender bids.
  • Formulating bylaws – our firm specializes in writing and rewriting bylaws for local government, in cooperation with the leading economic agencies in the pertinent fields. In the process of writing the laws our attention is directed at the local government’s goals and to aspects of its unique character, in the aim of formulating an optimal bylaw that is in keeping with the needs of the local government and its residents, and taking into consideration court rulings, state laws and the specific time and place.

  • Corporations and municipal companies we specialize in establishing, managing and representing municipal companies, water and sewage corporations, including – forming a board of directors, managing agreements and transactions, ongoing operation and providing ongoing legal advice.

  • Labor laws our firm has a dedicated department with unique expertise in collective labor law and additional legal aspects relating to local government and public agencies, labor unions and organizations. We represent local governments and public entities in legal proceedings in various judicial courts and in labor disputes with local government employees.

  • Business licensing we specialize in representing local government on various issues relating to business licensing, including legal action taken against businesses that operate without a business license, including in and out of court negotiations. As part of our close work with the local government heads we are partners to formulating their business licensing policy.

  • The education system we accompany local government in various local education system issues, among them allocating budgets and resources to the various education frameworks, determining pupil registration districts, managing the local government’s community center company, representing local government in disputes with neighboring local governments with shared education institutions and additional education activities that require legal intervention and oversight.